NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Florida – It appears that freedom-hating, scumbag American police are yet again showing their lack of class and civility towards the people whose hard-earned tax dollars pay their paychecks and pensions, as police in North Miami Beach have recently been uncovered using photographs of patriotic Americans as target practice.

One of the persons whose photographs were used was Florida Army National Guard’s Sgt. Valerie Deant’s kid brother. As Sgt. Deant and fellow guardsmen entered the range, they saw the disgusting display left behind by the absolutely disrespectful police officers. It must have seemed to them as if the police were insulting all that the Patriotic Soldiers fought for – while these soldiers risk their lives for civilians freedoms, these disgusting police officers are home stripping citizens of freedom and absolutely dehumanizing them.

“I was like ‘why is my brother being used for target practice?’” asked Sgt. Deant, who immediately called her brother to inform him that his photograph was being used as a target by the absolutely disgusting officers. “The picture actually has like bullet holes. One in my forehead and one in my eye. …I was speechless,” said Sgt. Deant’s younger brother, who added “Now I’m being used as a target? … I’m a father. I’m a husband. I’m a career man. I work 9-to-5.”

North Miami Beach Police Chief J. Scott Dennis admitted that his officers could have used better judgment. However, he added “Our policies were not violated. There is no discipline forthcoming from the individuals who were involved with this.”

“The use of those targets doesn’t seem correct,” said Alex Vasquez, who is a retired FBI agent. “The police have different options for targets. I think the police have to be extra careful and sensitive to some issues that might be raised.”

The use of American citizen photographs as targets for these “police officers” appears to be linked to a nationwide police training regimen that encourages these overpaid police officers to dehumanize civilians, and trains police to oppress citizenry in any and every way they possibly can.

The police appear to be training to disarm and control American civilian populations with zero remorse.

Absolutely abhorrent. Any freedom loving American would be disgusted as such a display by these demons operating under color of law.

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