WASHINGTON, DC – When Robert Bowers allegedly attacked a synagogue this past October, he stated that one of the reasons he was doing so was because of a group called HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, and their continuous work inviting refugees into Western nations. So just who exactly are HIAS and what do they do?

HIAS is a Jewish organization founded in America in 1881 with the express purpose of aiding refugees. It has helped resettle over 4.5 million people.

Fast forward to today. HIAS often makes references to Jewish values, traditions, and literature, which exhort Jews to help the stranger. The telling part about this equation, however, is that HIAS only assists refugees into resettling in America and Europe; HIAS does not live up to Jewish tradition of “helping the stranger” when it comes to Israel accepting refugees. Israel approves less than 1% of all asylum seekers requesting asylum in Israel, and it does not appear that HIAS is doing any work to increase that percentage in Israel, only in America and Europe.

HIAS lobbies the US Congress and the EU Parliament regarding refugee resettlement; however, they do not appear to actively lobby the Israeli Knesset to accept more refugees into Israel.

It is interesting to note that HIAS is funded by the US State Department, however, they actively work against the United States’ interests.

It is telling that such a large Hebrew organization works to dilute America and Europe, while Israel works to maintain it’s Jewish Supremacy and has even enshrined Jewish Supremacy into their law.

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