DAMASCUS, Syria – In spite of international condemnation and the increase of Russian air defenses over Syrian airspace, Israel has insisted on continuing to use spy planes illegally over Syrian airspace, in an attempt to “false-flag” renewed interest for international war in Syria, following President Trump’s famous “AMERICA FIRST” announcement that the US will no longer be defending Israeli interests in the region.

On Christmas day, the Israeli Air Force launched an air attack against several peaceful targets, including a hospital containing Russian/Iranian doctors tending to the wounded injured, including women and children who had been wounded in a previous Israeli airstrike.

During what is now dubbed as the “Christmas Day Incident,” the Israeli air force intentionally fired missiles while they were hiding behind the radar signature of TWO civilian airplanes en route to Damascus and Beirut, in an attempt to force Syria to strike those civilian planes.

Thankfully, the upgraded/augmented Russian S300 systems were capable of differentiating from the civilian planes and the warplanes, and the Syrians did not attack the civilian planes, likely averting a PR disaster as Israeli psyops units would have immediately begun a “false-flag” campaign, using the incident to make it appear the Syrians were ruthlessly violent, when in reality it was ISRAEL who had placed the civilians in harms way to begin with.

During the “Christmas Day Incident,” Israel used 6 warplanes and over 16 missiles; however, only 2 missiles actually hit their targets, a testament to the ability and efficacy of Syria’s new upgraded Russian S300. The attack mirrors previous Israeli aggression, including an attack only weeks ago, in which Israeli warplanes violated Russia’s sovereignty by illegally shooting down a Russian IL-20 transport plane containing humanitarian aid workers, doctors, and nurses intended to treat victims of Israeli biological and chemical attacks in the region.

Fast forward to last night: Syrian S300 units spotted several warplanes in “stealth” mode, which had violated Syrian airspace by crossing several miles past the Quneitra border. A combined Syrian/Russian unit positively identified the aircraft wing as being composed of several Israeli F35 planes, flying in Syrian airspace in violating of Syrian sovereignty. Two Pantisar missiles were launched, using guidance provided by the S300 systems, and at least one plane was shot down. Details on the shot down plane are still pending; however, it appears the plane was an Israeli F35. The other missile may have damaged one or more of the other planes in the wing, as the S300 data shows that it hit its target; however it appears that only one plane was shot down and recovered over Syrian territory.


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