FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – Disgraced former Sheriff Scott Israel of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office has been removed from office by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Israel, whose horrible performance during the alleged shooting at Parkland (the actual occurrence of which many still have doubts about) led to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office being nicknamed the “Coward County Sheriff’s Office,” famously faced a “no confidence” vote by his own deputies and lost.

Under Israel’s rule, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office has become a haven of corruption. It has become an almost tyrannical force, which routinely infringes on the rights of citizens, including their first and second amendment rights. The BCSO, under Scott Israel, resembled a criminal enterprise more than a law enforcement group. It has been rumoured by many in Broward that BCSO deputies have kidnapped homeless and disenfranchised citizens and sold them, either  as slaves or for organ harvesting.

We hope that under Gregory Tony this will change, but based on current trends in law enforcement, such as rumours that Falkner County Sheriff Tim Ryals and his staff are defending disgraced Former Deputy Keenan Wallace from criminal charges stemming from Wallace’s shooting of an innocent 10 pound dog, we must say that our confidence in the United States criminal justice system, and ESPECIALLY in the law enforcement component, has most certainly been shattered.

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