WASHINGTON, DC – A recent wave of transgender transition “surgeries” has led to a seemingly predictable wave of persons regretting undergoing the surgery.

Egged on by a powerful medical lobby combined with mainstream media glorification, persons who would have normally had nothing more than a sexual fetish have gone under the knife and permanently altered their genitals, following this trend of medical blasphemy. Now, months or sometimes years later, many of them regret the surgery, finding they no longer have complete or adequate sexual function.

These persons have begun a social media campaign to warn others of their fate. However, a powerful lobby has been working against them; either by reporting their tweets, posts, and videos as “hate speech” and having them taken down, or by “doxxing” them and threatening to physically assault them, these people who have been doing nothing more than trying to warn others not to share their fate have been censored and silenced by the radical left.

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