PARIS, France – On 10 DEC 2018, we at Daily Crusader covered Macron’s new totalitarian policies which he announced on live television; and on 12 DEC 2018, we uncovered that Macron’s forces had been using live grenades and chemical weapons, including lachrymator agents, on peaceful French civilians. Now it appears that Macron is putting aside any pretense of law and order, and is apparently planning on having his forces directly exercise the new totalitarian powers he has already reportedly declared, by using live ammunition on innocent protesters, who only want what they believe is best for their families, for their people, and for France.

Up until now, Macron has been content using nothing more than area-dispersal grenades (which have approximately 60% of the explosive power of live, military grenades) coupled with non-lethal chemical weapons such as lachrymator agents, and propaganda including and up to potential false flag shootings which may have been planned with the help of the intelligence services of foreign powers.

On 10 DEC 2018, we covered Macron’s totalitarian policies, one of which was that “Police (are) allowed to shoot live ammunition on anyone wearing a yellow vest.” Until now, Macron has not exercised these powers, perhaps in a bid to hide them by the passage of time since their declaration. However, this seems to have changed, perhaps due to the Yellow Vests planned bank run, which has the potential to devastate the entire Euro currency system. Banks have reportedly begun to close down, and ATMs have reportedly been experiencing massive “glitches” across the country; and now, new images coming out of France earlier today are showing the police (which many claim to be German mercenary forces, and not French gendarmes, since many of their vehicles openly fly the EU flag, and not the French flag) are now wielding Heckler & Koch G36 weapons, perhaps in a bid to dissuade citizens from leaving their homes and walking to the banks (photo courtesy of the Daily Mail and the Clover Chronicle):


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