FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – After new Florida Governor Ron DeSantis fired corrupt Sheriff and reported Mossad agent Scott Israel, it seems that someone tampered with Gov. DeSantis plane.

While en route to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office to make an announcement concerning the firing of Scott Israel by the Governor, the Governor’s plane was forced to make an emergency landing for undisclosed “mechanical problems.” DeSantis’ chief of staff Shane Strum, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, and three members of Governor DeSantis staff were all on board at the time.

Many are now claiming that these “mechanical problems” were actually part of a Mossad plot to assassinate the new Governor, as retribution for his firing of Scott Israel, who many believe is himself a Mossad agent. Governor DeSantis has also requested resignations from the Florida water management board, which has seen massive waste and fraud and whose horribly misguided water policy has been a scourge to agriculture producers all over Florida.


Nikolas Cruz (Broward County)
Cesar Sayoc (Broward County)
Mohammod Atta (Broward County)
Raees Alam and Sheheryar Alam Kazi (Broward County)
Sam Hyde (Broward County)
Jose Padilla (Broward County)
Imran Farooq Mandhai (Broward County)
Sami Al-Arian (Broward County)
James Gonzalo Medina (Broward County)
Scott Israel (Broward County)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Broward County)
David Hogg (Broward County)

XXXtentacion murdered in Broward County

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