BREMEN, Germany – German police just released camera footage of AfD leader Frank Magnitz being attacked by three perpetrators.

The problem? Many believe the footage to be doctored/manipulated by the German police, either to cover up the attackers identities, or perhaps to make the attack seem shorter than it really was.

In the footage, we see not much more than the attackers running off; an observer can clearly see that around the 0:16-0:18 mark, the attackers appear seemingly out of nowhere, and run away, lending credence to the theory that the footage was spliced to either hide the faces of the attackers or to make the attack seem shorter and less vicious than it was. There is no way for us to know just how much of the attack German police may have edited out:

It seems clear that a weapon of some sort was used, contradicting earlier “official” reports that no weapon was used:

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