BREMEN, Germany – Frank Magnitz, a member of German parliament and a leader of German’s popular AfD Party which has seen massive growth and successes, narrowly survived an assassination attempt by a deranged leftist earlier today.

Frank Magnitz was attacked with a piece of lumber and knocked unconscious, after which he was pummeled on the head repeatedly by leftists on the scene.  It was only due to the courageous intervention of a brave construction worker that Mr. Magnitz managed to survive.

Police in the Bremen’s prosecutor’s office claim to be investigating the attack; however, we believe they are doing everything in their power to cover up the evidence and protect the attackers, since German police have been known to protect leftists in the past. Germany is known far and wide to be ZOG controlled; as such, their police routinely protect leftist terrorists.

Reports indicate that the radical leftist group who attacked Frank Magnitz are known to be members of the Israeli Mossad.

AfD won 94 seats in the German parliament in SEP 2017, and their popularity has only continued to grow. This of course makes them a massive threat to Angela Merkel’s ZOG-Controlled goverment bloc, and explains why Mossad and Leftist groups have done everything in their power to attack AfD; this vicious attack comes only days after an explosion rocked AfD headquarters in Doebeln.


2 thoughts on “German AfD Leader Frank Magnitz Barely Survives Leftist Assassination Attempt, Reportedly Planned By Mossad”

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