PARIS, France – The “Gilet Jaunes” protesters, fed up with increasing control from the French government including tyrannical policing of peaceful protesters and new “Martial Law” rules enacted to hamstring the protesters (which includes a leaked plan to confiscate ALL firearms from French citizens, as reported by the Clover Chronicle), are now planning a “bank run” which would see most French civilians withdrawing all of their funding from France’s banks.

French banks, which already run on a “Fractional Reserve” system, are estimated to have less than 1/4th of the funds on hand needed to satisfy a bank run conducted by citizens in the city of Paris alone – let alone the entire French nation. This has the potential to completely tank the Euro if the protesters manage to pull it off.

The speculation has led to widespread panic among the Zionist Elites who run Europe’s central banks. Many already believe the banks are planning on stealing the money anyways – which may lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy as citizens withdraw money and banks end up closing down without satisfying the citizens needs – essentially a “theft.” There is currently little faith among French citizens that the French government, led by President Emmanuel “Rothschild” Macron, would hold these criminal banksters accountable for their crimes at all.

The movement is already being called a “Western Winter” – to contrast with the “Arab Spring.”

If this ends up working in France, it may spread to neighboring nations such as England, where there have been sporadic “yellow vest” protests, and Germany, where an AfD leader was nearly assassinated earlier today in another globalist, leftist attempt to subvert the will of a nation’s sovereign people.

We at Daily Crusader wish God’s blesses and Godspeed to the French who are fighting against (((globalist))) control.

Featured image: Beloved French Boxer and Freedom Fighter Christophe Dettinger spars with tyrannical police officers who have accepted foreign orders to try subduing and subverting the will of the citizens of France.

81 thoughts on “French Protesters Planning Bank Run With Potential To Devastate Entire Euro Currency System”

  1. Does it sound as if the “banks” are corrupt as many have stated over the years and most recently? Maybe a “bank run” is the key to changing our lives and returning to a gold standard! If that takes place worldwide, a new world will open, a return to pre-financier corruption and slavery! Come quickly!!

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