FAULKNER COUNTY, Arkansas – Following an investigation into the shooting of an innocent man’s 10lb dog, “Reeses”, Deputy Keenan Wallace has been relieved of duty by Sheriff Tim Ryals.

Pictured below is Reeses displaying the gunshot wound which was given to the poor dog courtesy of former FCSO Sheriff’s Deputy Keenan Wallace.

Sheriff Ryals certainly made the right call here by firing Former Deputy Wallace, however we do openly question the sanity and the judgment of the Investigators who stated they believe no State crime has been committed, and we call upon the Prosecutor’s office to do the right thing by prosecuting the former deputy for this heinous crime. In this way, the public may begin to believe in the image of Police Officers as defenders of law and of the righteous, and not as murderous psychopaths hellbent on abusing their power and subduing the citizenry at any expense, as they seem to have become.

Former Deputy Wallace’s police-issued K9, K9 Timon,  was the recipient of a bulletproof vest from Vested Interest in K9s, Inc, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the lives of police dogs. The vest was embroidered with “In memory of K9 Ty, California City Police Department.” Former Deputy Wallace clearly did not take that message seriously, as he did not care about the life or well being of a citizen’s dog – or perhaps he did take the message seriously, in a perverse manner, and cared ONLY about the lives of police dogs, and not citizen’s dogs?

Further, the fact that Former Deputy Wallace was issued a K9 at all, when he is clearly a psychopath with no regard for the life of innocent animals, makes one wonder how exactly FCSO came to the determination that he would be worthy of being issued a police dog in the first place, and should certainly make citizens take pause to consider how their tax dollars are being spent, and whether or not those tax dollars are contributing to animal abuse at the hands of psychopathic animal abusers such as Former Deputy Wallace.

Pictured below: Former Deputy Wallace with his FCSO issued K9, Timon.

Over the phone, prosecuting attorney Carol Crews of the Arkansas Twentieth Judicial District (which includes Faulkner County) stated that she was pending the receipt of case materials from Sheriff Ryals in order to make a decision on whether or not to prosecute the psychopath, Former Deputy Wallace.

We will keep our readers updated as the story develops.



2 thoughts on “Faulkner County Sheriff’s K9 Deputy Keenan Wallace, Who Illegally Shot Dog, Fired By Sheriff Tim Ryals”

  1. Keenan Wallace is a fucking monster. What kind of sadistic freak dresses up like a cop to go around shooting civilians pets? And how can the Sheriff and prosecutors try to cover this up without charging him? These people make me fucking sick and this is why Americans are losing respect for these fucking PIGS. That DOG’S life is worth a million of this PIG’S life and any PIG who would defend this PIG is a fucking PIG. If you cops wanna be more than just filthy nasty fucking PIGS you need to clean up your side of the fucking street you worthless PIG FUCKERS!

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