SEATTLE, Washington – A “news” station created a bit of flurry earlier this week, when one of its editors manipulated a video of President Trump in real time.

As reported by ZeroHedge, while the President addressed the nation on important issues, the editor took the liberty of modifying the colors to make the President appear more orange. The editor also manipulated the video of the President to appear to be sticking out his tongue at viewers.

The most disturbing part of this story is that this was all done in real time, on the fly, during a live broadcast by the President. Video below:

The station which doctored the footage, Q13, is a Fox news affiliate; this at least partially explains why certain Fox anchors, such as Shepard Smith, are rabidly anti-Trump, and it also explains some Fox anchors, such as Sean Hannity’s, undeserved praise of the parasitic nation of Israel.

While the editor was fired, it is unclear at this point if the “mainstream media” will attack this fake news producer the way it did Paul Joseph Watson, who was alleged without proof to have edited a video. It later turned out that the video which Paul Joseph Watson had allegedly edited had not been altered in any way:

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