WASHINGTON, DC – As detailed by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, while Elizabeth Warren was a professor at Harvard, she wrote a book in 2003 with her daughter titled “The Two Income Trap: Why Middle Class Mothers And Fathers Are Going Broke.” The basis of the book was that the entry of mothers into the labor force has been disastrous for families because it leads to less time the mothers spend with their families. Tucker also explained that this devalues the cost of labor, leading to less real wages, which is why employers love the entrance of women into the workforce.

It is important to note that this book was not written by Christian radicals, or by some alt-right White Supremacists; rather, this seemingly “misogynistic” take on American families was written by none other than left-wing darling, Elizabeth Warren.

In a series of three tweets, linked below, Tucker dissected the book and its salient points on the role of motherhood in the nuclear family:

One thought on “Elizabeth Warren Wrote Book Claiming That Entry Of Mothers Into Workforce Is A Disaster For The Country”

  1. For once she was RIGHT:
    Back around WWI the 1% figured out that if they could get women out of the homes and into the factories they could cut wages, and make more money by doubling the labor pool ……. PRESTO “feminism” was born …………..
    The people behind the progressive feminist movement have all-but destroyed the normal family unit (Rothchild, Rockefeller and his elite pals wanted to put women to work so they could tax both adults in the household, but on top of that, working women are less likely to reproduce than stay-at-home-moms

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