WASHINGTON, DC – A Democrat talking point concerning the Southern Border Wall has always been “but who will pay for it?”

During the 2016 elections, the President’s rallying cry against this talking point was that “Mexico will pay for the wall!” And while it is true that Mexico WILL pay for the wall, indirectly, through the USMCA trade agreement, this is still not sufficient to anti-American Democrats, who seemed to believe that Mexico would quite literally cut a check out to the White House for the full cost of the Southern Border Wall.

They couldn’t have been further from the point.

The fact is that real Americans do not care at all who pays for the wall, as long as we get the wall built. As a recent GoFundMe proved, by raising over $20 million as of this writing (and the amount keeps growing – quickly!) Americans – real red-blooded patriotic Americans, salt of the earth Americans who love their country and believe in its future and by extension, believe in their childen’s future – are quite willing to pay for the Border Wall of their own accord, even outside of their normal tax expenses.

This love of nation is something Democrats and communists would never be able to understand.

While “Mexico will pay for the wall” turned out to be literally true, through the USMCA, the point is that to us patriotic Americans, it was never intended as anything more than a funny quip, a retort back to Democrat Communists who will stop at nothing to sell our nation to any foreigner who will bid. We didn’t care then – and we do not care now – about who pays for the wall; as long as our nation is SECURED from the hordes who are seeking to overrun it, we are quite willing to pay the cost to secure it.

Further, Democrats seem to believe that Republican patriots care about the government shutdown. The reality is that we do not. Our only concern about the shutdown is that our military servicemembers, ICE, and CBP officers are not being paid. All other employees and services provided by the Federal government are, to us, truly non-essential and do not affect our lives, and in fact we would love nothing more than for the President to fire them all, and give us the resultant savings on our taxes, or simply reallocate those currently wastefully-spent monies and resources where they would be more useful, namely to the military, ICE, and CBP.

In short, Democrats can’t seem to get a win, and that’s probably because at the end of the day, America will always win, and communism will always lose.

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