HERZLIYA, Israel – Following the recent revelations by Daily Crusader that Jerome Corsi’s Mossad handler may be madman IDF Doctor Dr. Avi Ben-Abraham, who has been trying to “clone Jesus” using Shroud of Turin DNA since at least 1993, there has been rampant speculation on how he may have been involved in other nefarious deeds. Now we believe we have more information.

The street is home to Akamai technologies, founded by an ex IDF soldier named “Daniel Lewin” who was allegedly a passenger on board American Airlines Flight 11 which crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 08:46:40 EST:


The street is also home to the US Army Corps of Engineers – which was the ONLY US Army command with a mission on 11 SEPT 2001:


If this all isn’t weird enough for you yet – this street is also home to our madman antichrist IDF Doctor, Dr. Avi Ben-Abraham… who actually lived in the SAME BUILDING as the US Army Corps of Engineers on that street:

The below video is worth a watch. The video game scene at the end may seem unrelated, but upon closer inspection, is VERY related to the entirety of this investigation (another example of these “elites” showing their hand openly?):


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