ONTARIO, Canada – Canadian food prices have seen a surge in recent months, due in part to Canada’s importing and paying welfare to potentially millions of foreigners, and also in part due to Canada’s failure to negotiate a better deal including the importing of American agricultural goods. This is all due to Trudeau’s government’s reluctance to be seen as “acceding” to the United States President, Donald Trump. Essentially, in order to avoid admitting that Trump has been right all along, Trudeau is punishing Canadian citizens with massively increased food costs.

The rising food prices, among other problems plaguing Canadian life today (including the legalization of bestiality) have helped lead to a massive plunge in the value of Canadian currency, which at the beginning of 2018 was hovering around $0.82 USD and now hovers around $0.73 USD, a massive loss of nearly 11.5%.

Now, the Canadian government is allegedly tracking down people who post food prices online and subjecting them to unknown retribution and censorship.

In a bid to avoid being tracked by the Canadian government, posters on anonymous forums including 4Chan and 8Chan have begun to censor key portions of the prices, or else face having their location and timestamp exposed by what is commonly referred to as the CGDF (Canadian Grocer Defense Force), a quasi-governmental group who has taken it upon themselves to decrease any criticism of Trudeau’s regimes failures, including the rise in food costs.

One such anonymous Canadian poster claims to have been visited by the RCMP, who wanted to know about in-store food prices:

Two such censored photos which display the exorbitant Canadian food prices are shown below:

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