WASHINGTON, DC – Aaron Zelinsky, prosecutor for Rod Rosenstein’s “Russian Collusion” fabrication case, had once worked as an assistant US attorney under Rod Rosenstein and before that worked as a special assistant to Hillary Clinton’s State Department. Zelinsky is also implicated in Hillary Clinton’s Wikileaks emails. So just who is Aaron Zelinsky and why was he hired to help fabricate the phoney “Russian Collusion” myth? Let’s dig into him.

It is important to note that it appears that either Rosenstein directly appointed Zelinsky, or somehow worked a way to get Zelinsky on board. As reported by BuzzFeed:

Asked if Rosenstein had recommended Zelinsky to Mueller or played any role in his assignment, a Justice Department spokesperson declined to comment and referred questions about the special counsel team to that office. A spokesperson for the special counsel team also declined to comment.”

Zelinsky, an avowed zionist, has previously worked under Dorit Beinisch, the Chief Justice of the Israeli Supreme court, leading many to believe that Zelinsky may be a Mossad agent, like Corsi. Zelinsky, like Corsi, seemingly used his writing talents for the Mossad’s benefit, by writing many opinion pieces for the Huffington Post and several other journals, defending Israel and zionism (one such example of his alleged Israeli-sponsored propaganda pieces can be viewed here). It is also important to note that when Zelinsky was appointed to prosecute the “Russian Collusion” fabrication, two other Israeli dual citizens, namely Andrew Goldstein and Andrew Weissman, were appointed with him. This connection between Zelinsky and the Israeli Supreme Court is also very damning considering that we just uncovered one Dr. Avi “Abby” Ben-Abraham, who was appointed by the Governor and State Bar of California to personally interview and evaluate California Judges and prosecutors, and who may be Jerome Corsi’s Mossad handler.

This should definitely make anyone curious whether or not “RUSSIAGATE” is real, or is a fabrication invented by Israel in order to blackmail President Trump into undying support for the criminal nation of Israel.

Zelinsky appears to have relations to a woman named Simona Mangiante, the former girlfriend of George Papadopolous; it is important to note that Mangiante lives in Italy, which is where Corsi and Cohen travelled in 2016. Rumour has it that Corsi and Cohen met an unknown Mossad agent in Italy (or traveled illegally from Italy to Israel to meet the Mossad agent) in JUL 2016 (the fact that Corsi and Cohen were both in Italy at this time is known to Mueller and is not in dispute) where during the meeting, they all may have discussed a “LIFE INSURANCE” policy (perhaps the same one from the Strzok-Page texts?) in the case that Trump won the election; and it appears that this “LIFE INSURANCE” policy may have come under the guise of the current investigation into Corsi.

Zelinsky, as Corsi’s appointed prosecutor, was allegedly supposed to offer Corsi “NO JAIL TIME” and “NO CRIMINAL CHARGES” for lying and “flipping” on Roger Stone and President Trump, and alleging that Stone asked Corsi to break the law on behalf of President Trump (which Corsi already has done); however, Mueller himself did not like Zelinsky’s “NO JAIL TIME” deal, and demanded at least a short stint in prison for Corsi, at which point Corsi balked out of the deal they allegedly made in Italy, fearing prison time.

This has led to many rumours recently that Mueller may actually be involved in rolling up a Mossad spy ring, rather than prosecuting Trump for the phony “Russian Collusion” fabrication.

The alleged Mossad agent that Corsi and Cohen may have met with in Italy could be none other than Dr. Avi Ben-Abraham, who is alleged to be Jerome Corsi’s Mossad handler, which we recently revealed has been trying to clone Jesus Christ using the DNA on the Shroud of Turin and who is known to have received his Medical Degree using phony paperwork and other scams from a university in Italy.

Aaron Zelinsky has also very recently been accused of shaking down his neighbors using phony legal actions to prevent his neighbor from selling her property.

Zelinsky has also in the past been accused of mismanaging millions of dollars from a trust he was entrusted to manage.

Zelinsky has also previously worked for Hillary Clinton’s State Department. He appears, based on an opinion piece he himself wrote in the Huffington Post, to support unrestricted migration into the United States and has a special interest in Haiti, which Hillary Clinton’s bogus, phoney “Clinton Foundation” was alleged to have raped for resources (as well as being implicated in the literal rape of Haitian children).

Zelinsky was also implicated in the Wikileaks release of Hillary Clinton’s emails; in this email, he is discussing journalist James Foley (specifically, it appears he was discussing Foley’s entry into Syria):

This email is particularly telling as it discusses James Foley’s entry into Syria. Foley was famously captured by ISIS (rumoured by many to be a Mossad invention, since ISIS is commonly known as the “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service”) just months after this email was sent, and was beheaded by ISIS in 2014. Many have speculated that this may have simply been a piece of Mossad theatre, with Foley and Zelinsky both being Mossad actors, intended solely to garner public support for further American war in the Middle East against Israel’s enemies in the region.

Zelinsky, oddly enough, is also connected to one Rabbi David Greer, who has recently been accused of molesting boys in Zelinsky’s age group. Zelinsky’s father Ed was reportedly very close to Rabbi Greer, and Aaron himself grew up on the Greer compound:

Aaron’s close relation, and his father’s close friendship, to known child rapist Rabbi Greer has many wondering if Aaron Zelinsky may have been raped by the Rabbi himself, perhaps part of grooming for his future alleged Mossad career?

All of these odd connections certainly pose severe legal challenges to Rosenstein’s “Russian Collusion” fabrication case going forwards.

In order to foster an atmosphere of legal ethics, morals, and to present a clean case, in our opinion, Mueller must remove all of the prosecutors connected to Rosenstein, or else face a tainted case going forwards.


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