RABAT, Morocco – By now most people have heard of the story of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, who were beheaded while backpacking in the mountains of Morocco. But who did the deed, and more importantly why?

To figure out this answer requires intense geopolitical insight.

As reported by the Middle East Monitor, Algeria and Morocco have been involved in an oftentimes tense land dispute since 1994, which as of the beginning of this month seemed close to being solved. President Donald J. Trump has taken a special interest in the dispute, which was one of the reasons for its near solution.

Background: in 1994, Algeria closed its land borders with Morocco after being accused by Morocco of perpetrating a terrorist attack on Spanish tourists in Marrakesh. President Trump has taken Morocco’s side, cutting aid to Algeria and asking Saudi Arabia to apply pressure to Algeria in hopes of opening the border. As of 01 DEC 2018, the situation was near resolved.

However, with the recent announcement that President Trump would be withdrawing US forces from the Middle East, this solution to a longstanding dispute became problematic to Israel. As Daily Crusader recently reported, Israel may have murdered Jamal Khashoggi to drive a wedge between the United States and Saudi Arabia, which have recently become very close under the reign of President Donald J. Trump and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud.

Following this logic, what may have really happened to those girls becomes clear: They were murdered by Mossad in order to drive a wedge between the United States and Morocco.

Israel has a long standing policy of working to destabilize it’s neighbors in the MENA region, and it looks like this was nothing more than a continuation of that policy.

Further, many details do not add up, such as:

video being spread claiming it’s the two blonde girls doesn’t make sense – the girls in the video are darker haired than the alleged blonde girls
>reports claimed they had been killed in their tents, but the video is clearly shot inside a building
>ID of one of the men arrested was found 20 feet from the tents (remember the passport of the alleged Saudi hijacker managing to survive the fires of 9/11?)

All in all, Daily Crusader does not buy this story one bit: to us it seems more likely it is a bit of kabuki theatre intended to foster islamophobia and a desire for American forces to remain in the Middle East. We would also like to note that ISIS has been soundly defeated by Iran and Russia since at least early NOV 2017, but Israel has repeatedly lied and conducted false flag attacks in order to prevent President Trump from leaving the region as he promised in his campaign, and the President is NO LONGER falling for these tricks which do nothing but halt the progress of his “AMERICA FIRST” agenda. Why hasn’t ISIS ever attacked Israel, instead preferring to attack Muslim countries? Cui Buono?

We proudly support and applaud the President’s decision to bring our mighty and powerful American military and our brave American soldiers BACK HOME WHERE THEY BELONG, to defend OUR borders, instead of sending our money and our children to shed their blood for the interests of a foreign nation, Israel, which attacked our brave sailors on board the USS Liberty!

One thought on “What Really Happened To Those Two Beheaded Girls?”

  1. The push is always on to find or just create insane actions attributed to Muslims. As long as it works to some extent they will keep using it/them. It makes great front page MSM coverage and keeps the war/fear mongering rolling fast downhill. Why are there so many attacks on schools,young women/clerics because they provide the most fear/shock value for the dollar. They will keep to the script because they have nothing else. They are still milking Russiagate down to the last drop and have no replacement for it or Muslim suicidal fanatics.

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