WASHINGTON, DC – Robert Mueller has, for all accounts and purposes, admitted that the foreign agents who sought to “influence the US election” were ISRAELI agents and were working AGAINST Donald Trump.

For one, George Papadopoulos plead guilty to perjury because he was going to be prosecuted as an unregistered Israeli agent. The allegation is that Papdopoulos, acting on behalf of the Israeli government, acted as if he had information from Russia so as to “insert himself” as a Russian actor and “frame” the President for “Russian collusion”. This would, ostensibly, help the Democrats blame Russia, while deflecting blame from Israel. It should also be noted that Papadopoulos was working at the NEOCON “Hudson Institute” working on energy issues regarding Israel, including concerns about Israel’s NUCLEAR CAPABILITIES and denying peaceful energy processes to Iran.

Second, Flynn confessed to the crime of lying to the FBI; the lie was with regards to General Flynn working on behalf of Israel in DEC 2016, by calling the Russian ambassador, on the request of Israel, to ask Russia to veto a Security Council resolution against Israeli settlements, which Obama had refused to do. AGAIN, Israel tried to frame the President with “Russian collusion” to assist the Democrats.

All of this goes without mentioning the role that JOSEPH MIFSUD, a known Mossad asset, played in deceiving Papadopoulos into working for Russia when he was in reality working for Israeli interests to frame and smear the President.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” -Voltaire

All told, the Daily Crusader can not figure out why Israel is still considered an “ally” to the American people when they did everything in their power to collude against President Trump in favor of the treasonous Democrats and communists.


7 thoughts on “Mueller Admits ISRAEL, Not RUSSIA, Behind “Foreign Collusion” – RUSSIAGATE has become ISRAELGATE!”

  1. Amazing. Why does Israel keep lying and doing shit like this? Jesus was right when He called them the “Synagogue of Satan”

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