WASHINGTON, DC – Q drop #2104 revealed to us that Jerome Corsi is a Mossad agent, and we now believe we may know who his IDF handler is – a man who goes by the alias “Abby Abramson.” But who is exactly this elusive man?

Based on intense internet chatter, we now have reason to believe that “Abby Abramson” is actually a man named Dr. Avi Ben-Abraham, who has been working since the early 1990’s to clone Jesus using the DNA contained within the Shroud of Turin.

Dr. Avi Ben-Abraham is around 61 years of age, while Jerome Corsi is around 72. Both have been involved in scams – Jerome Corsi in a financial scam, and Dr. Avi in multiple medical scams including “cryogenics” companies and a false AIDS cure which never materialized. The false AIDS cure scam reportedly swindled over $20million out of investors in Hong Kong, which Dr. Avi allegedly personally walked away with over $4million of.

In addition, a doctor by the name of Harold Abramson was one of the chief architects of the CIA-MOSSAD project MKULTRA:

Further, an email which appears to be connected to Dr. Avi turned up in a list of Mossad agents (warning: Do not click the link in tweet below if you are logged in to any Google accounts – only access it through a VPN and incognito mode!):

In addition, he was reportedly connected to at least one other person on LinkedIn, who turned up in the list linked in the tweet above: A man named ITZHAK RAISH.

Dr. Avi appears to be a lawyer with the Israeli Prime Minister’s office, working at the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner (which makes sense given his legal arguments in front of the US Congress in favor of human cloning as a “human right”):

The man in the video below looks EXACTLY like Dr. Avi, and is now a Lt. Col. with the IDF – below he sings a song lamenting Israel’s sins in front of God:

The man in the video above at the time was a technology officer with the IDF, and there is a LinkedIn account under the name of “Avi Abramson” for a man who works with an IDF-related technology company.

Please note how similar the man above, and the man below, Avi Ben-Abraham Jr., look (also please notice the TRANS TIME INC crane in the background along with the book he is reading):

In addition, “Avi Abramson” has in the past shared links to pro-Zionist petitions on Facebook:

Even further, there are two FBI agents with the name of “Abramson” (but no Avi) listed as ‘dead’ in a very recent 2017 FOIA release.

Further, there is a man by the name of Seth Abramson who is rabidly anti-Trump (could he be related to Avi?)

Dr. Avi’s lawyer is none other than Alan Dershowitz, who was recently accused of being a pedophile in a tweet by Claude Taylor, and accused of sexual impropriety in a recent lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein.

Avi has been previously advised against doing interviews by one General Meir Amit, a former head of the Mossad:

There is a real estate broker in Colombia by the name of “Avi Abramson” who recently sold a very large and pricey plot of land to a group of retired IDF personnel:

As a friend pointed out to us, the link between the IDF, Avi, and Colombian real esate is especially damning, given that an Israeli child trafficking ring was recently uncovered in Colombia.

Jerome Corsi and Avi Abramson are both listed in a recent Hasbara document as “Truth tellers about Israel.”

Dr. Avi was also a politician in the Israeli Likud, serving in the Knesset. He was directly endorsed by Benjamin Netanyahu. In addition, he volunteered for the Commission on Judicial Nominees Evaluation of the State Bar of California, which allowed him to personally interview and evaluate incoming judges and prosecutors within the State of California. Having been appointed by the Governor and State Bar of California, Ben-Abraham received his security clearance from the California Department of Justice and the FBI. He was sworn in by Chief Justice Malcolm Lucas.

A Google search tangentially tied Dr. Avi Ben-Abraham to the “Tree of Life”/Robert Bowers shooting hoax:

Dr. Ben-Abraham is listed as a US citizen in a recent SEC filing, however his primary residence is listed in Israel:

It should be noted that above, BioSante Pharmaceuticals Inc., is headquartered in Baudette, MN, and Corsi’s financial scam was run out of MN.

Dr. Avi Ben-Abraham also runs several other companies:

“Avi” was accused of raping a very popular model from New Zealand in a Google groups posting (Daily Crusader has been unable to get in contact with her, she has seemingly disappeared and her modeling agency, Cat Walk Studios, has reportedly been demolished):

Dr. Avi Ben-Abraham also seems to have contributed to the Trump campaign (an effort to make friends on behalf of Israel, perhaps?):

And then there’s this:




Plaintiff Francisco Carrascal’s motion to compel compliance with subpoena is denied.

The Proof of Service accompanying the motion does not indicate what papers were served.

The motion does not include a copy of the subpoena Plaintiff is seeking to enforce.

The Court notes that a subpoena, executed September 7, 2018, was filed with the court on October 16, 2018. If this subpoena is the subject of the present motion, the motion would be denied because the Proof of Service shows that service was by mail, not by the required personal service. (Code of Civ. Proc. Sect. 2020.220 (b)-(c).) Further, there is no showing that Plaintiff complied with the requirement that a Notice of Subpoena must be served an all parties who have appeared. (Code of Civ. Proc. § 2025.240.) There is no showing that Plaintiff served the Notice on any party. If the tentative ruling is uncontested, it shall become the order of the Court, pursuant to Rule 3.1308(a)(1), adopted by Local Rule 3.10, effective immediately, and no formal order pursuant to Rule 3.1312 or any other notice is required as the tentative ruling affords sufficient notice to the parties.

What else happened in September? Trump threatened to declassify the FISA – perhaps Trump caught wind that Dr. Avi was not being properly served and thus threatened to declassify, with a new Mueller subpoena at the secret Federal level as a compromise for Trump to not declassify?

This is the newest photo we were able to find of Dr. Avi Ben-Abraham. Please note that this man is 61 (SIXTY-ONE) years old:

His apparent lack of aging makes sense when you consider that Dr. Avi Ben-Abraham started Trans Time Inc., which is a cryonics company.

>The modest premises of Trans Time Inc., a cryonics company of Oakland, California. Cryonics involves the freezing of whole human bodies, organs or pet cats & dogs, to await a future thaw & a potential second opportunity to live. A recently dead body would be frozen in stages, firstly down to -110 degrees Fahrenheit (using dry ice) and then down to -320 F (in liquid nitrogen). During this process, blood is replaced with a substitute mixed with glycerol, to prevent formation of ice crystals. Intracellular ice formation causes severe damage to organs & tissues, and is a major obstacle in the mainstream development of cryobiology science.


It’s also worth noting that Dr. Avi Ben-Abraham appears to be connected to John Podesta:

In addition to his connections with Podesta, he is also connected to the Raelian cult:


Here we have an early interview with Kay Griggs, speaking of human cloning experiments, mentioned in a YouTube video submitted by a friend:

Here is the full Kay Griggs interview:


Anyone else noticing a trend with
>Human Organs


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