TEL AVIV, Israel – Following President Donald J. Trump’s AMAZING “AMERICA FIRST” announcement that we will be pulling our strong military out of the Middle East, to defend OUR borders back home, Netanyahu and Israel seem to be in shock at the idea that America will no longer be serving Zionist, globalist interests instead of our own.

Daily Crusader broke the story that Mossad tried to assassinate President Trump the same day that the military and US Attorney’s Office announced that they had rolled up a blackmail “sextortion” ring which was blackmailing several hundred top military officials using kiddie porn – essentially the gist of pedogate/pizzagate – and Mossad tried this foolish deed during the White House Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, no less!

Israel was reportedly planning a “chemical weapon false flag,” with the help of US Democrats, to falsely blame on Assad, but it seems the death/disappearance of George H.W. Bush and No Name had made it exceedingly difficult for them, perhaps because they do not know the locations of No Name’s weapons caches.

Now it appears that Netanyahu has taken off the gloves and is ready to openly defy President Trump.

America has given Israel EVERYTHING – Israel would NOT EVEN BE A NATION if it were not for the United States of America – and THIS is how they respond to us taking back our sovereignty.

Never forget the USS Liberty, American. And never again place a foreign nations interests above your own!

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