BEIRUT, Lebanon – Israeli Occupation Forces have launched a cross border operation last night, illegally invading the sovereign territory of Lebanon in spite of repeated international condemnation.

Sources close to Pompeo claim that Netanyahu begged him to implement sanctions against Lebanon for allegedly allowing the flow of Iranian arms and weapons to Hezbollah, which Israel incorrectly claims is a terrorist organization, using the Rafik Hariri Airport. However, the President clearly told Pompeo no such course of action would be authorized, as petty international squabbles between minuscule regional neighbors are beyond the scope of US military action now that America has finally fully implemented its “AMERICA FIRST” policy. Pompeo offered to increase sanctions against Iran, as it is in America’s obvious interest to prevent the further advancement and proliferation of nuclear weapons on earth by any power besides the United States; however, this was not enough for the bloodthirsty serpent Netanyahu, who sources claim railed against Pompeo and openly lashed out against Trump’s “America First” policy, calling it a betrayal of Israeli interests and threatening to engage in a full scale war in Lebanon if America refused to implement sanctions per Netanyahu’s desire.

Pompeo refused, and Israeli Occupation Forces crossed the northern border of Israel/southern border of Lebanon late last night under cover of darkness, in an illegal invasion known as “Operation Northern Shield”.

Israel claims to be “destroying Hezbollah tunnels” which have penetrated Israeli border crossings; several international military experts disagree with this assessment however, including IDF Spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus who stated that none of the tunnels thus far seem to have been in use.

The Star Will Gorge Itself On Clay

IDF Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis, chief spokesman for the illegal occupying force, states that this will be a “broad operation over several weeks” and will rapidly expand beyond its current scope.

A massive demonstration at the Ben Gurion International Airport broke out almost immediately, with nine flights cancelled or delayed at the time of this article’s publication, and further protests have been growing, with protesters demonstrating on Rothschild street in Tel Aviv and in Safra Square near the Jerusalem municipality building, among many other locations all across Israel.

Violence has already broken out at these demonstrations,

Daily Crusader looks forward to the day when the satanic occupying force known as “Israel” is driven back into the sea where it belongs.
God bless all of the warriors fighting against the evil scourge of this world called “Israel”! HEIL VIKTORIA, GENTLEMEN!



10 thoughts on “Israel ILLEGALLY Invades Lebanon – “THE STAR WILL GORGE ITSELF ON CLAY””

  1. I was recommended this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about. You are incredible! Thanks!

  2. Hezbollah – is NOT a terrorist organization. IDF has major ethical issues. And “sources say” is more than enough for the zionist “reporters” on CNN so it’s more than enough for me

  3. I think Israel has been digging these tunnels secretly, and now are lying and pretending Hezbollah dug them. Remember the Israeli motto “By Deception Thou Shall War”

  4. You people are absolutely spot on. Israel forged a coup on Lebanon in the 1970s and started killing the Christians for no other reason than being Christian over there, and blamed it on Palestinians. They then targeted the Muslims slaughtering and attacking them, and blamed it on Phalange Christians. Its Israel that is the enemy. Lebanon was the LAST sliver of land left in the Middle East which had peace between Christians and Muslims, and jews RUINED it. Remember that ISIS stands for ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE
    Boomers need to get an EDUCATION you dumbasses. All you are doing is peddling Israeli Occupying Forces terrorist propaganda.

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