PARIS, France – Macron gave a speech on live television today announcing a State of Emergency. Legally, this entails the following:

Anyone can be incarcerated preventatively, for no reasons, with no court appearances, for no maximum or minimum time.

Any “suspicious items,” such as shaded glasses, protective helmets, or masks, without legitimate purpose can be grounds to send you to jail.

No more than 5 cars in a convoy allowed, even for weddings and funerals.

No more allocation of resources for the poor.

Police allowed to shoot live ammunition on anyone wearing a yellow vest.

“Hate speech” will land you in prison with no due process.

People walking on the street with no ID can be incarcerated with no court appearances, for no maximum or minimum time.

Government can shut down ANY network/internet/radio stations/television stations, for “security issues,” on request.



13 thoughts on “Emmanuel Macron, French President, Announces Totalitarian State On Live Television!”

  1. Having listened to the video all the way through Macron’s speech, It’s clear that is what he meant by “STATE OF EMERGENCY” that he intends to kill people who protest and he is only giving them 100 euro extra a month if they stop. WOW. this guy has gone of the deep end!!!

    1. I would love to be in Paris!! What an exciting time to be on the ground of location where history is being made!! I feel bad for the Frenchies but they voted for that ROTHSCHILD idiot. LIVE AND LEARN? I HOPE!! Pray for the French. #WWG1WGA

  2. The yellow vests just stole a tank. Care to guess where they’ll use it? Will Macron’s residence survive the week?

  3. He is a puppet of george Soros and Angela Markel, Macon,May in England, Merkel in Germany and Trudeau in Canada will be gone in the next 6 or 10 months, they are trying to imposse a globalist plan for a New World Order in which the personal and the national sovereigne will disappear and they will implement a cultural Marxism the new left that screw the working class and its allied with elites, intellectuals, artist and studients, the major obstacle for them is the USA with the Trump administration and now the yellow vest movement
    Sergio Prado Arnuero

    1. Trump is a major obstacle that is currently being under fire by the left here in America, however, he will stay. I’m glad the French finally found the wherewithal to stand and fight the abhorrent bend over, we had ours 8 years before Trump. Obama tried to do the same, and like America, France, Germany, England and Canada will survive! Y’all be safe out there and God bless!

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