WASHINGTON, DC – The 2016 election was a very spirited contest, with twists and turns every week, every single day, sometimes every hour. However, unlike most Presidential contests, it has not yet seemed to end. Mueller’s ever-dragging “Russia” investigation reminds many of the frame and smear job performed against Nixon by a corrupted Deep State and treasonous media. Nixon was later vindicated, having been proved to have been innocent of the charges; he fell victim to a media which is still to this day working against the American public. They have together fabricated, and skillfully orchestrated, a “RUSSIAN” narrative which is absolutely and completely obviously untrue, even to the nonbiased observer. Which begs the question: If not “RUSSIA”, then who? And almost as importantly, WHY?

Let’s begin with Jerome Corsi. Dr. Corsi spent the time during the election positioning himself as an “outsider” with sources close to the election and therefore with intimate knowledge of potential future events. Dr. Corsi was heavily involved in dissimulating the fanciful piece of propaganda now known as the “GUFFICER 2.0” leaks, which have been since discredited as a piece of foreign propaganda, a forgery, and not as actual information leaks. The leaks had digital fingerprints from many different nations on them, and many people have since speculated that the leaks originated either from Russia (if such is even believable – Russia could have gained much more just by donating to Hillary Clinton – she already sold them our uranium! – and why would Russians place their own fingerprints on a hack?), or much more realistically, from Israel (which most likely purposefully left fingerprints to make the leaks APPEAR Russian in origin in order to frame Trump – as Putin himself stated “Why have you decided the Russian authorities, myself included, gave anybody permission to do this? (…) Maybe they’re not even Russians. Maybe they’re Ukrainians, Tatars, Jews, just with Russian citizenship. Even that needs to be checked. Maybe they have dual citizenship.”

Dual Israeli citizens, such as Feinstein, Schumer, and Pelosi, are responsible for many of America’s woes; why then would it be impossible for them to be behind some of Russia’s woes as well? Further, with Israel’s spirited history of playing both sides in order to achieve the greatest possible outcome for themselves (see the Lavon Affair, or the USS Liberty Attack) why would it be farfetched that Israel would once again try play both sides, publicly supporting Donald Trump while their Mossad helped the DNC clandestinely by trying to pin Trump to a false “Russian collusion” in the hopes that Israel would come out ahead regardless of the outcome of the election? This does seem to be one of the most plausible theories.

An Israeli company, Crowdstrike, was responsible for disseminating the lie that Guccifer 2.0 was a Russian operation; the CTO and president of Crowdstrike were both heavily quoted in a Washington Post story published 14 JUN 2016 . A later article by BuzzFeed, published 08 NOV 2017 has both Crowdstrike and the DNC openly admitting that the 14 JUN 2016 WaPo piece was part of “public relations strategy” whose purpose was to “control the message.” These revelations make it seem fairly clear that “Guccifer 2.0” may have been nothing more than a Mossad/FBI/DNC false flag “leak”; a mixture of good information and bad information, it seems to have been designed solely with the digital fingerprints in mind, allowing Clinton and the lying Mockingbird Media to shift blame away from the real leakers, Wikileaks and Assange, and onto the boogeyman Russia, thereby allowing Clinton, David Brock, John Podesta et al to openly blame “RUSSIAN COLLUSION” for the leaks, instead of blaming their rightful source Wikileaks and Julian Assange; these Russia accusations have become the backbone of the Mueller Trump-Russia investigation.

Which brings us to Corsi’s inconvenient connections with Israel. Corsi has been heavily involved in pushing pro-Israeli propaganda for the duration of his career as an “author”; indeed, one might be forgiven for asking whether the loyalties of Corsi truly lie with America, or with Israel. Some of his book titles include: “Why Israel Can’t Wait: The Coming War Between Israel and Iran,” “Bad Samaritans,” and “Atomic Iran.” One may view his anti-Obama positions as having been forged of American patriotism; however, under closer scrutiny it becomes clear that he disliked Obama not because of how bad Obama was for America, but because of how bad Obama was for ISRAEL.

Q drop 2104 (original source, and Qmap source) makes clear that Corsi is a Mossad agent:

Throughout the duration of the Mueller investigation, Corsi reportedly kept trying to push the Mossad piece of disinformation known as “GUCCIFER 2.0” upon Roger Stone via e-mail and other methods of communication; however, Stone repeatedly turned down the offer, with Stone having made the determination that “GUCCIFER 2.0” was a fabrication of some sort, most likely intended to harm rather than help Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. However, this did not stop Corsi from reportedly trying to claim, falsely, to Robert Mueller and the Special Counsel that Stone had asked Corsi to pay for the information, from Russia and other sources, at the behalf of President Trump. In these claims, we again see the small seed representing the beginning moves of the “Trump-Russia Collusion” frame job, whereby ISRAEL, the DNC, and the FBI tried to repeatedly frame Trump as being somehow a “pawn of” or “colluding with” Putin, the KGB, Russia, etc.

Corsi’s alleged Mossad handler is reportedly a man who goes by the name of “Abby Abramson.” It’s worthy to note that an author named Seth Abramson wrote a book called “Proof of Collusion” in which he accused Trump of “acts that would qualify as witness tampering and obstruction of justice (…) there may also be money laundering charges.”

It should also be noted that Corsi and Cohen, the “flipped” attorney of President Donald Trump, were both in Italy in JUL 2016, according to Seth Abramson, mentioned above; some have alleged that Corsi and Cohen may have met up together in Italy and from there, traveled to Israel together. Also noteworthy is that Joseph Mifsud met with George Papdopoulos in Italy in MAR 2016. Stone was also approached around the same time, by an FBI informant operating out of the Miami Field Office, one “Henry Greenberg,” in MAY 2016.

The FBI investigation against Trump and Russia formally opened in JUN 2016; this Italy trip by Corsi and Cohen in JUL 2016 may be how Mueller and the Special Counsel caught wind of Corsi’s alleged activities for the Mossad. However, it is illegal to use human assets prior to formally opening an investigation by the DOJ or FBI, which would technically make Mifsud’s operations in MAR 2016, and those of the FBI informant “Henry Greenberg” who approached Stone, illegal. Also worth noting, Joseph Mifsud has been missing since the Fall of 2017.

Corsi has worked for Bannon’s outlet “Breitbart,” a blatantly Israel-First rag masquerading as an American patriotic mouthpiece, which ran the story “Report: Mueller Zeroes In on Jerome Corsi for Forwarding Email on Assange” in which Breitbart advanced the theory that Corsi had forwarded an email from Stone, in which email Stone had allegedly requested Corsi to meet Assange. Bannon, one might remember, was fired in disgrace from the Trump admin for leaking information to the media and for serving himself and his own interests (Israel?) before America. President Trump has nicknamed him “Sloppy Steve Bannon,” and Anthony Scaramucci famously went on record as saying that Steve Bannon tries to suck his own cock (“I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock”), resulting in the top result on Urban Dictionary for “Bannon” becoming:

Bannon v. as in “to bannon.” 1. the act of attempting to suck one’s own dick and failing; 2. the act of attempting to suck one’s own dick and failing miserably because it’s too f*cking short to reach beyond your pubic hair; 3. the act of attempting to suck your own dick but failing so miserably because you can’t grab on to balls you don’t have in order to wrestle your genitals into your yapping maw.

Bannon was recently caught meeting with Jeffrey Epstein, convicted pedophile and the owner and operator of the “Lolita Express,” preferred pedophile getaway of the Clintons et al.

The Miami Herald recently reported that Epstein had prostituted about 80 persons that they were able to identify, including underage children and several men. The article revealed that Epstein was able to secure a sweetheart deal which included only 13 months in prison and strict confidentiality of the agreement, in which not even victims were informed of the deal. This deal was granted by Alexander Acosta, Miami’s top federal prosecutor at the time and current United States Secretary of Labor. Due to the strict confidentiality deal agreed to by Acosta and Epstein, President Trump was NEVER made aware of Acosta’s role in this cover up of Epstein’s crimes prior to Acosta’s appointment. The President was told only that Acosta was a qualified Hispanic and at NO POINT was he advised of Acosta’s role in covering up Epstein’s many crimes, neither was the President advised of Acosta’s very close relationship with the Bush crime family. It should be noted that Epstein has long been rumoured to have been an FBI asset, and that therefore, then-FBI director Robert Mueller may have interceded with Acosta in order to guarantee that sweetheart low-prison-sentence and confidentiality deal with Epstein. Further, Epstein recently settled a lawsuit including a claim by one of many victims who alleged that she had been forced by Epstein into having sex with Alan Dershowitz, one of Epstein’s lawyers and a registered Democrat and supporter of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who just recently was openly accused by Clinton Campaign Team Member Claude Taylor via Twitter of being a pedophile.

With those two shysters out of the way, let’s discuss the most pressing issue of our moment, Sam Nunberg. Nunberg was fired twice by President Trump during the campaign, and both times proved himself to be a turncoat. Nunberg was born to a jewish family and was a volunteer for Mitt Romney during the 2008 Presidential campaign. He was hired by Jay Sekulow. In FEB 2014, he was fired by President Trump after he scheduled an interview with BuzzFeed, which BuzzFeed printed under the headline “36 Hours on The Fake Campaign Trail with Donald Trump.” President Trump, who allows people second chances, then rehired Nunberg in FEB 2015 as a communications adviser but Nunberg was shortly fired once more by campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. In MAR of 2016, he endorsed Ted Cruz for President, going on record as saying that Trump “does not have a coherent political ideology.” In JUL 2016 he was sued by then Presidential Candidate Donald Trump for allegedly violating a confidentiality agreement by leaking information to the New York Post (leaking – like Bannon? – a common MO?) On 05 MAR 2018, Nunberg stated that he was subpoenaed to testify and provide documents to Robert Mueller and the Special Counsel. He openly insisted that he did not intent to comply with the subpoena, publicly stating “Let him (Mueller) arrest me!” but promptly folded like a cheap suit, agreeing to cooperate fully with Mueller’s subpoena. On 09 MAR 2018, Nunberg testified before a Federal grand jury, going on record as stating that it was his “duty as an American, whether I like it or not” (he seems to have forgotten that Americans have Fifth Amendment rights). When asked publicly if he believed that the Special Counsel may have “something” on Trump, Nunberg stated “I think they may. I think that he may have done something during the election. But I don’t know that for sure.” On 13 JUL 2018, Ari Melber asked Nunberg “Do you think today’s indictment, which Donald Trump was briefed on, should change his [Trump’s] mind about undermining both the fact that the Russians did this and attacking the probe?” to which Nunberg replied, “First of all I think this should change the mind of any Republican voter that doesn’t want Donald Trump to be impeached.” On 05 MAR 2018, Nunberg called Sarah Huckabee Sanders a “fat slob” which is kind of a case of the pot calling the kettle black. CNN’s Erin Burnett told Sam Nunberg that she smelled alcohol on his breath while talking to him.  It should be noted that in addition to alcohol problems, Nunberg has been reported to be a major user of cocaine.

Further, when Bannon was fired in disgrace, Nunberg stepped in to defend him, stating that “Steve got Trump’s fat ass elected. Trump would’ve lost by 15 points had Steve not gotten involved in the campaign.” Nunberg also has very close ties to Rep. Jerry Nadler, Democrat – US House – NY District 10, who reportedly celebrates all jewish holidays at the Nunberg house.

So once again we see the seeds and the slow plotting thereof of what appears to be Mossad, working their shady pawns and crooked FBI agents slowly towards one conclusion: The APPEARANCE of “COLLUSION” between President Donald J. Trump and Russia, even going so far as inserting their own agents into the Trump movement and the Trump campaign in order that they may later smear and accuse the President falsely of such, much in the same way their agents falsely smeared and accused Nixon of crimes he did not commit.

Let’s fast forward to today. Nunberg allegedly claimed to Roger Stone that the Chinese President had raised the question of extradition of Miles Kwok, Chinese businessman, at his meeting with President Trump at Mar a Lago and that the Chinese President had then raised it a second time with Trump at the G6 meeting. Allegedly, according to Nunberg, Henry Kissinger had also directly lobbied President Trump for the extradition of Kwok (Corsi once curiously urged President Trump to listen to Kissinger, instead of his own advisors, stating“you’ve got to pay attention to what Kissinger is talking about. He’s often got a point, even if you consider him to be a globalist or evil or whatever. Now, during the campaign, I had a group I worked with from Israel for a long time, who are really intelligence above Mossad, wanted to introduce Kissinger to Trump and I played a role in getting that to happen.” – video in link, Corsi audio timestamp approx before and through the 01:26 minute mark.)

Nunberg allegedly went on to state to Roger that Trump’s extradition order was blocked by CIA Director Mike Pompeo and then-NSC member Steve Bannon. Funnily enough, the New York Times recently reported that Kwok was providing $100 million to Steve Bannon in order to finance a new nonprofit organization with the express intent of damaging the Chinese government, and increasing tension between the United States and Chinese Goverments:

As tensions between the United States and China grow, the two men are openly hoping to stoke them even further, by effectively calling for the overthrow of Beijing’s leadership. Mr. Guo is dipping into his fortune, while Mr. Bannon has agreed to provide a strategy.

Nunberg allegedly told Stone, incorrectly, that Kwok was wanted for financial crimes in China AND the United States, and had been a bundler for Hillary Clinton, when in reality the only truth of the matter was that Kwok was wanted for financial crimes in China. Foreign nationals can not legally contribute to American Presidential candidates, so this claim was particularly damning to both Kwok and to the Hillary campaign, and was the specific claim which Kwok had sued Stone for.

Rumours abound that Kwok was a Chinese intelligence asset who was “flipped” by the CIA/FBI, either when he was exposed for massive financial crimes in China, or he was thereafter exposed for massive financial crimes by China in order to “burn” him, and was then protected by our intelligence agencies because he was working for them. Kwok is known to have deep ties at the New York Times, who have previously depicted him as being a freedom figher and communist dissident, when the reality most likely is that Kwok is nothing more than a double agent/traitor-mole being used by the US intelligence community, including the FBI and CIA.

Aside from Kwok now reportedly funding Steve Bannon, Sam Numberg is now reportedly working for Steve Bannon, lending credence to rumours that Kwok’s lawsuit against Stone was nothing more than a ploy by Bannon to get back at Stone, since Stone was the one who outed Bannon and resulted in his ouster from the White House, and subsequent fall from grace.

While it seems clear that Democrats, the FBI, and the Mossad sought to implicate Russia, with potentially disastrous results for both nations, the fact that they are now working angles against China as well definitely ups the scales in this game. There is no reason for the United States to be stoking tensions with ANY nations, especially not nations that share our values such as Russia, and nations that we engage in massive trade with such as China, given that we are currently in a huge trade war with China as well (perhaps the largest trade war ever recorded in human history). It seems clear that these people will stop at NOTHING to stop President Donald J. Trump from succeeding, in order to hide their many crimes, including plunging the whole world into open warfare the likes of which has never been witnessed.