WASHINGTON, DC – One of the top members of the Clinton Team, Claude Taylor, has just openly accused Alan Dershowitz of engaging in pedophilia with known child molester Jeffrey Epstein.

These allegations, coupled with allegations covered by the Harvard Crimson, that “Epstein Allegedly Directed Second Woman to Have Sex with Harvard Prof. Dershowitz, Court Documents State,” are truly damaging.

Dershowitz, a lifelong Democrat who endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2008 and later endorsed Barack Obama after he defeated Hillary in the primary, has been somewhat pro-Trump, and many believe he took this position because he expected President Trump to overlook his past indiscretions with Jeffrey Epstein and rumours of his involvement with the Lolita Express.

Dershowitz is famous for being the man who got OJ Simpson off the hook. We at Daily Crusader wonder if this will bring the OJ case back into the spotlight, with rumours circling in recent years that OJ Simpson’s son may have been the actual murderer.

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