WASHINGTON, DC – Perhaps based on intelligence his office gleaned from the DOJ indictments, (please see our first, second, and third reports on the leaked DOJ indictments, and what they possibly mean) the President wanted to immediately arrest Hillary Clinton and John Podesta in April 2018, but White House Counsel advised against it.

One can speculate many reasons, however, to those who have read our reports on the leaked DOJ indictments, and the fact that the leaked indictments end in March 2018, coupled with the fact that only roughly 10,000 our of roughly 60,000 indictments were leaked, it seems obvious that the first 10,000 represent bit players in the Cabal who, through the PRTT orders, wiretaps, and search warrants in the first 10,000 indictments, were rolled over and turned into CI’s.

This would explain why White House Counsel advised the President not to prosecute – because there was an ongoing criminal investigation and prosecuting in April would have revealed the investigation and the extent to which it has gone.

Mr. President, his staff – you lot have strong stomachs. God bless you!

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