WASHINGTON, DC – The GDL (Goyim Defense League) received a major boon earlier this morning when a video of Brett Favre endorsing the group was uploaded to YouTube earlier today.

The original YouTube video (linked here, however we expect it will be shoah’ed in the coming days in accordance with (((YouTube’s))) propaganda filters, so we have rehosted it below as well) was uploaded to YouTube early on 24 NOV 2018 and has already gained massive attention in the few hours it has been online.

We at the Daily Crusader want to thank Brett for his bravery and courage in coming forward to speak truth to power. We know that given his connections, this could not have been an easy decision, and may still lead to unintended consequences. Mr. Favre, you are an American hero and legend, and your courage will speak to generations of young American males, and God willingly, will help their own spines strengthen in the face of unimaginable evil as is necessitated and conducted daily by the very existence of Israel. THANK YOU MR. FAVRE, GOD BLESS YOU, AND GOD BLESS OUR REPUBLIC!

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