DAMASCUS, Syria – Following the DOJ’s unveiling of a Deep State cabal blackmailing high ranking military members using snuff films and child pornography, which led to the absolutely disgusting and depraved attempt by Israeli Mossad to murder the President of the United States of America during the White House Christmas Tree Lighting, forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad have officially confirmed downing an Israeli warplane and four confirmed Israeli missiles fired at Damascus, which had illegally entered Syrian airspace in violation of international law and laws of war. None of the Israeli weapons reached their targets.

The plane was spotted by SAA flying over the town of al-Kiswah, a rural town with a large regional Children’s hospital and devoid of military bases, south of Damascus, and it was knocked out using the upgraded S-300 weapons systems provided to Syria over the summer by Russia, following Israel’s aggressive violation of Russia’s sovereignty by illegally shooting down a Russian IL-20 transport plane containing humanitarian aid workers, doctors, and nurses intended to treat victims of Israeli biological and chemical attacks in the region.

It appears that Israel’s continuous and repeated violations of human rights, war crimes, violations of ethical norms, along with Israel’s open and admitted program of genociding the native people of the region is leading to a decreased Israeli ability to operate in the theatre; their planes can no longer fly indiscriminately in Syria due to the presence of the new Russian weapons, Lebanon (whose President, Michele Aoun, is CHRISTIAN, not Muslim – both Christians and Muslims in the region dislike Israeli war crimes) has recently begun denying visa entry to any person with any known link to Israel, and Israeli spies in Hamas and Hezbollah are being rolled over at an increasing rate. The recent developments, and weakening of Israel on both the regional and geopolitical stage, have led to the resignation of former Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, who stated in his resignation letter Israel’s growing incapability to engage in offensive warfare as a major reason for his departure.

Their own stories tell how the Golems they make always end up turning on them; you would think they would learn but instead they double down on this reckless behavior.

Daily Crusader has received footage from an anonymous source. The footage, a series of video posts uploaded by user @Partisangirl (link), a well known and respected Syrian journalist covering the constant Israeli aggression in Syria, shows the S-300s in action knocking out unidentified flying objects, presumed to be the Israeli missiles.

Daily Crusader expects that Twitter will end up deleting this account, as they always do when it comes to Republican Americans, or anyone who opposes the Israeli narrative, so we have taken the liberty of reuploading the videos, shown below:




5 thoughts on “Aggressive Israeli Warplane and FOUR IDF Missiles Downed In Syrian Airspace By SAA Using Russia’s Upgraded S-300 Systems”

  1. Yup… looks like an Israeli fighter jet and missiles to me. So Russia’s S-300 systems weren’t a bluff then, glad to see

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