CHEMNITZ, Germany – Fed up with the increasingly tyrannical, Israeli-led and funded, anti-German and anti-White European Union, as well as with their traitorous leader Angela Merkel, the citizens of Germany have finally begun to openly revolt.

In the town of Chemnitz, located in Saxony, a large gathering of thousands of Germans happened earlier, where they chanted “We are the warriors, we are the fans of Adolf Hitler” in direct violation of ZOG law which prohibits any forms of positive remembrance of the Nazi regime.

Have you ever seen something so beautiful in this modern day and age? We here at the Daily Crusader most certainly have not, and we wish Godspeed and God’s Blessings to our brothers and sisters fighting the illegal, tyrannical ZOG in Germany!


2 thoughts on “Germans, Fed Up With (((Merkel & EU))), Begin To Rise Up!”

  1. holy fuck is this real? i live in Germany where can I meet this group? im gonna post on 4ch asking someone to introduce me rn lol

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