SANTA BARBARA, CA – Santa Barbara County Sheriffs have essentially admitted that they have been covering up and protecting pedophiles for the last 24 years using the authority of their badges.

While these crooked cops have been arresting 17 year olds for possession of marijuana, they have been sitting on Corey Feldman’s testimony of proven pedophiles in Hollywood. They have been covering it up and hiding it.

These cops admitted on 06 DEC 2017 that they did indeed have an audio recording of Corey Feldman naming names, after weeks of insulting him and claiming he was lying. They claimed he never went in and never named the pedophiles.

Now we find out that it was the police who were lying.

In spite of this, however, the cops seem determined to continue to protect the pedophiles:

“Due to the fact that this case involves the alleged sexual abuse of a child, we are unable to comment further and any documentation or evidence related to this case is exempt from release.”


We expect nothing less than this kind of behavior from the crooked police in the United States of America, who harm citizens while allowing illegal immigrants, pedophiles, muslim terrorists, and all sorts of wicked people to have free reign, in exchange for kickbacks.

Keep doing you, pigs. The American public sees you.



4 thoughts on “Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Admit 24 Year Pedophile Coverup By Their Officers”

  1. They called Corey Feldman in to try and persuade him to say that Michael Jackson was a Pedo and molested him, all sorts of tactics they used over and over on Corey to implicate Michael Jackson, Over and Over Corey told them you got the wrong Man, Michael is NOT a pedo but I am going to give you the names of the ones that abused me. They asked him How did he know that Michael is not a Pedo – of which Corey replied because he isn’t – I know when people are pedos and when not, you barking up the wrong tree, again he said here are the names of the Real Pedo’s in hollywood who are still active in the business. Santa Barbara’s Sherriff’s office chief hound dog was none other than District Attorney Thomas Sneddon who hated Michael Jackson and made it his lifetime GOAL to hunt him down. He spend millions of tax payers money to travel the world (seriously) to look for any possible victims of Michael Jackson, interviewing and berating tons of children that spend time at Neverland, with their parents, without having any success. Most of the kids and parents complained bitterly over the tactics he used. In the meantime while he was in Santa Barbara he ignored tons of pedo priests that resided in his constituency and the biggest scandal broke loose at one of the Catholic Schools. When asked to comment he was NOT available, too busy with his Witch Hunt on Michael Jackson, he even went as far as tampering and deliberately planting evidence, perjuring himself and a ton of his shady ass witnesses he produced did the same . I will leave this link right here for you to read . Thomas Sneddon was corrupt, power hungry and ruthless, he funny enough was a HIGHER in the Catholic Church (that explains a lot) as well as paid by the ELITE to frame Michael Jackson come rain or shine as some of those Elites wanted Neverland which is sitting on a gold mine of Oil. Tom Barrack got it now at long last. I hope that with Corey Feldman’s revelation Michael Jackson at long last will receive the apology that is long long overdue.

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