SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Shock and outrage following the ‘not guilty’ verdict issued today in the shooting death of Kate Steinle.

Seven time deportee murderer Jose Ines Garcia Zarate will be deported yet again, and probably flown back into the United States on Nancy Pelosi’s private jet with an abundance of comped liquor and a free “found” “FBI” firearm, fully loaded, and fully comped.


Good job Democrats – you have awoken us and you will not win this fight as a result.


Demographics determine destiny, folks. Wake the fuck up.

FLASHBACK: Last December, University of California Berkeley announced they would be hiding known illegal aliens from ICE

4 thoughts on “Kate Steinle Verdict Shows: It’s Okay To Be Murdered By An Illegal Immigrant”

  1. I love Israeli fruit in the Winter but does it not taste bitter knowing what’s going on in Palestine? Nigel Slater’s dumbing-down of cookery means he rarely uses any of the interesting ingredients in my local deli. Volunteering and community have been killed by Cameron’s ‘Big Society’.

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