NEW YORK, NY – Anti-terrorist experts working in the United States of America have successfully located the person responsible for the terror attack this Monday in New York.

Experts say this person is responsible for not only this attack, but for the past several terrorist attacks in NYC, and his fiery anti-American rhetoric may have been the cause of several other attacks in other continental United States cities.

The man named by experts is none other than NYC mayor Bill de Blasio himself. One accomplice named was NY Governor Cuomo.

Both men have in the past expressed their support for Muslim jihadists and have even openly called for the importation of the jihadists into the United States of America.

Neither of the men were available for questioning at press time.

It is also important to note that NYC Police Commissioner O’Neill is in possession of CCTV footage – but has been covering up the footage from the press, perhaps because he and de Blasio do not want the public to see the jihadist expressing support for ISIS, or anything that would otherwise put the police bosses careers into question.

It has become clear as day to the common American citizen, that the elected government and police in this nation are working AGAINST our interest, and FOR the interests of our enemies.

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