Essex, England – Police in the English county of Essex are now using the preferred execution method of jihadists as their own logo.

Jihadists use a knife called a scimitar to behead those who will not submit themselves to Islam. Now the Essex County Police are using that scimitar as their logo.

Some links to modern Mohammedan’s many crimes using a scimitar:

Seconds from death: ISIS beheads captive with massive three-foot scimitar

ISIS behead 3 men with a scimitar style huge sword


The idea that the British police force are now so warped that they are openly using a Muslim weapon of terror as their logo should instill fear and anger into all Freedom loving westerners.

6 thoughts on “English Police Now Using Muslim Swords as Logo”

    1. Wow, incredible that England has fallen so far as to use their enemies methods of killing them, as their police logo…

  1. What is the logic behind this, surely the British Lion would be more appropriate. How can the police do their jobs safely and be respected If they are expected to appear friendly and tolerant of what they are subjected to. This is crap what do the REAL British citizens think of this ?

  2. The three swords are the ancient symbol of jihad and represent the beheading of christians and nothing to do with england

  3. The three swords are in the coat of arms of Essex because the English government is selling us to muslims every single day

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