Translation: #MerkelLego chic packed in Bochum. There you are.

Bochum, Germany – These large objects look like pleasant gifts for Christmas. But underneath the pleasant wrapping lies a deterrent against something far more sinister.

Germany’s experiment in mass Muslim immigration has failed, by any standard. In years past, we have seen terrorist attacks as well as massive Islamic rape assault gangs at Christmas marketplaces and New Year’s celebrations.

In order to combat this, as previously reported by the Daily Crusader, German police have been reduced to wearing chainmail to defend against Islamic knife attacks, reminiscent of Holy Crusaders and Teutonic Knights of centuries long past. The German government has also been reduced to placing huge traffic barriers at the entrances of the marketplaces.

These barriers, however, are bad for optics. Their display makes quite clear that mass Muslim immigration to civilized Western nations is a failure. In an attempt to reduce these negative optics, Merkel’s govermment has wrapped the barriers up as Christmas presents, effectively lying to their own citizens about the threat that the German government has imported.

The great hypocrisy of this is, these “presents” would not be necessary to protect Christians, if terrorists had not been imported by Merkels government en-masse.

We at the Daily Crusader stand with the German people in their fight to preserve their own culture and homeland against the invading terrorist hordes.

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